Back To The Bible (John Neufeld) - www.backtothebible.ca
Grace To You (John MacArthur) - www.gty.org
Hope For Today (David Hocking) - www.davidhocking.org
Insight For Living (Chuch Swindoll) - www.insight.org
Truth For Life (Alistair Begg) - www.truthforlife.org
To the Golden Shore - Courtney Anderson (biography of Adoniram Judson, America's first foreign missionary to Burma).
The Cost of Discipleship - 
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Through Gates of Splendor - 
Elizabeth Elliot (biography of Jim Elliot and his companions, who were martyred in the jungles of Ecuador in 1956 - a classic!)
Systematic Theology - 
Wayne Grudem
Disciplines of a Godly Man - 
R. Kent Hughes
Born Crucified - 
L.E. Maxwell
With Christ in the School of Prayer - 
Andrew Murray
Keep In Step With the Spirit - 
J I Packer
Knowing God - 
J I Packer
Desiring God - 
John Piper
The Fourfold Gospel -
 A.B. Simpson
The Power Filled Christian - 
The Unknown Christian
God Tells the Man Who Cares - 
A.W Tozer
The Pursuit of God - 
A.W. Tozer
Blue Letter Bible - www.blueletterbible.org
The Gospel Coalition - www.thegospelcoalition.org  
The Friends of Israel - www.foi.org 
Discerning Reader - www.discerningreader.com 
Albert Mohler - www.albertmohler.com 
Moody Radio - www.moodyradio.org (click on "Stations" to link to a selection of  stations, including those online, such as   contemporary ("Praise and Worship"), traditional Christian and classical ("Majesty"), and non-stop messages from great preachers spanning the last 60 years ("Proclaim").