The New Testament knows of no kind of Christianity apart from that which is committed to a local church.  Becoming a Christian includes becoming a part of God’s family, which is made visible through local churches.  This is the place of assembly, worship, prayer, teaching, encouragement, accountability, and involvement.

At Richmond Alliance, we are committed to a faithful expression of this Biblical model through the formal commitment process of membership. We believe that all those who have expressed faith in Jesus Christ, have been baptized upon their confession of faith in Him, and attend Richmond Alliance, should commit themselves to active participation and membership in our local congregation. It is the simple formalizing of an understood commitment which marks the Christian life.

The following are the requirements for membership at Richmond Alliance Church:

1. Members must be baptized believers.

The church, being the “Body of Christ”, and consists of all those who have been justified by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ. They are united by the Holy Spirit into the one Body of Christ, of which He is the head. Thus, members are to be baptized believers.

2. Members are to be Godly.

The apostle Paul refers to Christians as “saints”, which is simply defined as “set apart ones”. Therefore, a Christian’s life is to be marked by an effort to live as distinct from the world, in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, in obedience to Christ.

3. Members are to be Committed.

The body only matures and grows as each one “does its part”, and so members should demonstrate faithfulness in service within the local congregation. Every effort should be made to use one’s time, gifts, and resources for the upbuilding of the church. Faithful attendance and giving are to mark the local church believer.

If you desire to join Richmond Alliance in membership, we ask you to prepare the following:

1. A Written Testimony.

While it doesn’t have to be long, please include the following:
a. Your recognition of personal sin and your need of forgiveness and redemption.
b. An understanding of who Jesus Christ is, and what He did on the cross.
c. An acknowledgment of repentance and trust in Him.
d. The results of conversion, and what has taken place in your life.

2. Affirmation of our Statement of Faith.

3. Affirmation of our Church Covenant.

4. An Interview with the Senior Pastor and an Elder(s). 
(This is an informal discussion to hear your testimony.)

If you're interested in becoming a member, talk to one of the pastors to initiate the application process. You can also download the complete membership package from the link below.