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Hello everyone,

We are pleased to inform you that we be restarting live services beginning this Sunday, June 7. That’s good news. However, in order to facilitate this, we require registration for each Sunday, so that we are able to keep within health regulations of no more than 50 people. There are two options – 9:00am and 10:30am. Everyone is welcome, but we do need to hear from you first.

A few matters which we need to draw to your attention.

First, please arrive no more than 10 minutes before the beginning of the service. We need to record attendance and give time for the building to clear between services. Doors will be open, there will be no paper bulletin (it will be online), an offering box will be set out with offering envelopes available alongside, and individual communion packets (cups/wafers) will be set out for pick up. Hand sanitizer will be available. Seating will be designated and spaced. The service will be around an hour or so in length.

Following the service, we will ask a few volunteers to help with a quick sanitizing wipe down, as we have two services and renters using the space after we leave. Additionally, we will ask you to immediately go outside. If you want to safely visit, that can be done in the parking lot. There will be lots of room out there.

Some of you have asked about masks. That will be optional, but please feel free to wear one of you would like. We respect everyone's desire in this matter.

As we move ahead, we don't require you to register every week (this registration is valid for the month of June), UNLESS you will NOT be in attendance in ANY of the coming weeks at the service time for which you registered. Then please let us know. We are close to maximum capacity at both services and there are others who will not be in attendance this week, but will be in the future, so we need to make a weekly tabulation. One person's absence creates space for another person, but we need to know that.

One final matter. We will continue streaming live at 10:30 for those who chose not to attend at this time. Each circumstance is unique, and we want to respect that. Therefore this option will be maintained as long as it is required.

Blessings to you all,
Pastor Ron