JD de Klerk
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Hello Everyone,

This is a special annoucement relating to the COVID-19 situation in our province:

We will NOT be meeting at the church on Sunday as usual, but will be streaming online Sunday morning at 10:30am. Please go to the following video link for more information.

I need to let you know where you can find Sunday's service. The link will be on the home page of our church website. The Live Stream link will be immediately obvious on our home page. Click on it to connect. Streaming will be available around 10:15am, and the "service" will begin at exactly 10:30. It is live streaming, and therefore not a "saved" file for anytime access.

Some of you have been asking about serving our seniors, or those with compromised health, and who may be shut-ins. Let me know if you are available to help in this way so we can have an "on call" service available should the need arise.

We are trying to make this information known to everyone in our church, so if you can also pass it on, it would be appreciated.

"But He (Jesus) said to them (the disciples in the midst of the storm),'I am; fear not.'" (John 6:20)

Peace to you,

Pastor Ron