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It has now been over four months since we have resumed in-person worship services, and it has generally gone very well. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in helping us move ahead during these unusual days. That said, we have received a further provincial health order update this week, which is requiring us to now further adapt our schedule. 

The new health order stipulates that we must allow one hour between services. Therefore, beginning THIS Sunday, October 18, we will again be moving the second service – to 11:00 am. This will allow us to follow proper protocol. So we will have two 1-hour services – 9 and 11am. We will assume you will be attending the service you normally attend (no weekly registration is required), but if you would like to make a permanent switch, please let us know.

Noting the above change, the new mandate also further clarifies the manner by which the maximum of 50 “patrons” is counted. Staff and volunteers are not included, so that opens a bit more space for us. With 2 services, this will allow for a bit more flexibility and should not necessitate an “overflow” room.

We have also examined the matter of singing. It is permitted, so we will again be adding that aspect to our services, but with reasonable precautions. We ask that everyone in the congregation who sings along with the music team do so with a mask on. We believe this will be sufficient in alleviating any health concerns.

Again, we thank-you for your understanding and cooperation. To those of you who are more comfortable with joining us at home, you are not forgotten. We will continue to stream our services as long as required, and thus minister to the whole congregation.

Pastor Ron